The Divine Clockmaker

During the seventeenth century, the scientific revolution was well underway and an interesting metaphor for the the cosmos had captured the imagination of both natural philosophers and theologians. They saw the material universe as a cosmic clock fabricated and governed by a divine Clockmaker. Discoveries made by the giants of the scientific revolution (Kepler, Galileo,... Continue Reading →

Young Defenders UPDATE

I've been receiving tons of email concerning the very limited availability of my Young Defenders apologetics storybook series, so I thought it would be good to offer an official update! How Do We Know Jesus is Alive? is currently out of print and out of stock at Amazon and Apologia (the publisher). Apologia is currently exploring... Continue Reading →

Science Uprising: A New Mini-Film Series

This week, the first short film in a brand new seven-part series entitled Science Uprising was released. This series of edgy, visually stunning videos is designed to challenge the claims of materialist philosophy head-on. (Materialism is the view that the only reality is the material stuff of the cosmos.) The first installment, Reality: Real vs.... Continue Reading →

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