Loving God With Our Minds–Influencing the Culture

In his book, Love Your God with All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul, J.P. Moreland says that the “growing anti-intellectualism in the church [is] resulting in the marginalization of Christianity in society.” Whether because of apathy, intimidation, or something else altogether, many evangelical Christians devote very little of their time to intellectual development, and as a result do not have the ability to reason effectively, think critically, articulately defend their faith, or integrate their beliefs with other facets of their lives. In essence, many are not fulfilling the Biblical mandate of Matthew 22:37, to love the Lord God with all their minds.

This is not a problem that ends with the disobedience of the individual believer. The ramifications of anti-intellectualism are dire and far-reaching. The church is quickly becoming culturally irrelevant; it has become incompetent in the debate about worldview issues because of sheer lack of knowledge and apologetic training. It is no wonder that our society has fallen into such an amoral, relativistic state. The church has allowed it, and our Great Commission, evangelism, is becoming magnitudes more challenging and decreasingly prosperous. Christians are often perceived as being under-educated, superstitious, and prejudiced; this has a significant effect on how seriously we are taken when sharing out faith with unbelievers, especially those who are highly educated in the secular sciences and humanities.

As Christians on a quest for holiness, for godliness, we must remember that God is a reasonable, rational being. As His image-bearers, we should seek to obey and glorify Him by strengthening our skills of reason and critical thinking as we endeavor to grow and use our minds to know Him and to competently serve Him in every aspect of life. It is with well-developed faculties that we correctly understand God’s truths as revealed in his general and special revelation, and are equipped with a Christian worldview that can be ubiquitously applied to our lives, most especially our chosen career. Furthermore, as we seek intellectual excellence in the extra-biblical knowledge required in our work, we become an articulate voice in the marketplace of ideas. As such, we gain an outlet by which to exert Christian influence on our culture in a manner that honors God and furthers His kingdom.

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