Metamorphosis–Illustra Media’s Next Release!

I am beyond thrilled to tell you about the next documentary being released by Illustra Media–Metamorphosis.

This past summer, at my graduate school residency, Dr. Paul Nelson (my lecturing professor for Darwin, Evolution, and Design) elaborated on the biology behind the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. He explained why evolutionary processes cannot accomplish the formation of this change mechanism through gradual, successive DNA mutation and natural selection in a unidirectional flow. Dr. Nelson is featured in this new film, which will be the first Blu-ray format release from Illustra (that alone is super exciting).

If you are not familiar with Illustra Media, I strongly encourage you to view their series of documentaries. All of them are excellent! I recommend starting with Where Does The Evidence Lead?, then viewing The Privileged Planet, followed by Darwin’s Dilemma.

Here is a preview of Metamorphosis!!!

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