Been Thinking About Tolkien

Autumn is here. Even in Texas. Today’s projected high temp is 84 degrees.

My neighbors across the street have a full-size scarecrow in their front yard. I haven’t seen a pumpkin anywhere yet, but it’s only a matter of days, I’m sure.

Regardless of the very un-fall weather, I truly feel like the season is here, and it is by far my FAVORITE! I love cooking the rich autumn recipes of my late grandmothers, such as southern sweet potato pie…..MMMMMM! I love pulling out my sweaters and boots, making hot cider, and planning the annual holiday visit to family back east.

Autumn is also a time when I positively crave J.R.R Tolkien literature. It was about 8 years ago that I read The Lord of the Rings for the first time and discovered the decadent indulgence of becoming lost in Middle Earth for weeks on end. After that initiation, I read it once a year until I started graduate school, and now that my “Tolkien Season” is here, I am feeling that irresistible pull towards the bedroom bookshelf where my Hobbits, Wizards, and Elves repose in a place of honor, patiently awaiting my next visit.

As I was plowing through some reading for my current class yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t resist a quick click on Amazon to check out the selection of Tokien biographies (drooling in my wistfulness). In the years since my first reading of LOTR, especially recent years as the formal study of apologetics has become so central to my life, I’ve developed a desire to better know and understand the Christian men behind some of the greatest literature of all time.

Treat yourself to a big dose of Tolkien sometime soon. I suggest a bit of biographical reading first, and two websites that I enjoy are The Tolkien Society and The Mythopoeic Society. The latter gives a delicious little history about The Inklings, the informal literary gathering (during the 1930’s and 1940’s) that involved British Christian authors associated with Oxford . C.S. Lewis was another key member of that group…Oh, if only time machines were real!!!

Don’t think that the film adaptations of Tolkien’s work come close to offering the full effect. The Tolkien experience is only fully realized through his written word!

One thought on “Been Thinking About Tolkien

  1. Oh, don’t tempt me. I’ve got far too much school reading to do to start reading LOTR.

    My daughter is about to start reading the Hobbit, and it put me back in the mood. I’ve read them just about every other year since I was 12 (the same paperbacks too!). So I’m about due.

    And you are right, the movies are good, but the books are just better. Although I do have faces for all my memories now.

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