Some Friday Fun: Theologians, Philosophers, ID Theorists and Apologists Answer the Big Question

I’m sure you’ve seen that email that has gone around for a couple of years now, the one that has politicians and other public figures answering the question:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I received the email again this morning, and I decided to come up with a list of my own, imagining how various theologians, philosophers, ID Theorists, and Apologists might answer this age-old question. Here it is. If you can think of some to add, please comment!

John Calvin: The chicken absolutely had to cross the road. He had no choice. It was predetermined that he would cross the road.

Plato: It wasn’t actually a chicken that crossed the road. It was the idea of a chicken.

William Lane Craig: He crossed this particular road because it’s the best of all possible roads. We also know it was an event that started sometime in the finite past; we have excellent evidence that at one time he was not crossing the road, and then he did. He has not been eternally crossing the road.

Jacobus Arminius: He crossed the road of his own free will.

Greg Koukl: He crossed the road because he knew it was absolutely a road. It wasn’t just a road for him, personally. All chickens should cross the road.

Luis de Molina: He crossed the road because he had knowledge of all possible scenarios involving the crossing of the road, and he knew he could achieve the best outcome by crossing it.

Nietzsche: The chicken is dead.

Stephen Meyer: Something in the elegant design of the digital code in the chicken’s DNA pre-programmed him to cross the road.

C.S. Lewis: First we must ask, was it a talking chicken?

Hume: The chicken had a passionate desire to cross the road. He had no real reason. It certainly wasn’t a miracle.

Michael Behe: It’s an irreducibly complex situation. You must have both the chicken and the road. Take away either one, and you have no road-crossing function.

12 thoughts on “Some Friday Fun: Theologians, Philosophers, ID Theorists and Apologists Answer the Big Question

  1. Lee Strobel: “Using my skills as an invesitgative journalist, after interviewing many of the leading scholars on the subject, including serveral mentioned above, and reviewing all the available evidence and following it wherever it leads, I have no choice but to come to the conclusion that there was, indeed, a reasonable, and logical explaination as to why the chicken crossed the road.”

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