Instructor and Student-Friendly Apologetics Curriculum

Is your church or Christian school sorely lacking in the area of apologetics education? Chances are, the answer is “yes.” Most churches do not have an apologist on staff (although they absolutely SHOULD), or even a well-informed lay-leader. The subject of apologetics is often intimidating for the uninitiated, and they shy away from it.

Thanks to my friend, Mikel Del Rosario (M.A. Christian Apologetics), apologetics education is more accessible than ever before. Mikel has designed a fantastic curriculum that introduces the important basics of the discipline. Broken down into 5 units, the course can be taught in as few as five weeks, or spread out over ten weeks. In the first unit, students learn the reasons why every Christian should have a basic understanding of apologetics. Thereafter, they gain insight to questions regarding the truth and reason behind the faith, the historical reliability of the Gospel accounts, and the problem of evil.

To learn more about this fantastic curriculum and to place an order, visit Mikel’s website, The Apologetics Guy.

2 thoughts on “Instructor and Student-Friendly Apologetics Curriculum

  1. Thanks, M! I sent this to both the Rhetoric instructor at Grace as well as the Student Pastor at our church.

  2. Thanks for sharing your review, Melissa!

    Jenny, that’s awesome. Let me know I just started offering personal coaching for a few select leaders who want to use these lessons soon. Find out how to work with me this summer.

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