The Programming of Life

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How do we reconcile facts about the astounding amount of biological information contained within a living cell with what we already know about information science? As cellular biology continues to progress, revealing an informational intricacy we never could have imagined, atheistic origin-of-life theorists continue to hold tenaciously to chemical evolution–the theory of the emergence of life from non-living materials. In light of what we now know about the information housed within a living cell, are chemical evolutionists justified in their conviction that life emerged by chance from a primordial chemical soup?

Last summer, at my final residency for grad school, one of my professors had obtained a pre-release copy of this video, The Programming of Life. I think it’s a very well-done, easy-to-grasp introduction to the main idea behind intelligent design theory. It highlights what we know about information science and its implications for biology.

The video is now available for free public viewing, and I’ve posted it here for your convenience. Enjoy!!

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