FANTASTIC New Apologetics Resource for Kids and Teens!!

I am contacted on a weekly basis by parents seeking reliable apologetics resources for their kids. The fact is, there aren’t many out there–YET–but this state of affairs is beginning to change!

I am thrilled to announce (and highly recommend) this recent publication from fellow apologist and fellow Biolan Doug Powell! Powell has released the first in a series of exciting, visually stunning books that are slam-packed with juicy apologetics information! The book is entitled Resurrection iWitness, and it is currently available on Amazon.

I could ramble on with a thorough description, but it would be much more fun for you to see and hear the author in his own words——>

One thought on “FANTASTIC New Apologetics Resource for Kids and Teens!!

  1. Dang! This is for kids and teens?!? I guess I’ll have to send my copy back. Seriously though, I bought a copy of this and it is fantastic! Reasonably priced and a beautiful volume. I would recommend it for anyone… even kids and teens! Thanks for bringing this up, Melissa.

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