God and the Big Bang: Video Series and My Commentary–PART 1


I am thrilled to have discovered this recent (August 2011) video series called God and the Big Bang. I was doing a little internet sleuthing, trying to find a facsimile of an ancient document that is currently housed in the British Museum, when, lo and behold, I stumbled upon the website of a UK organization–Focus– that has produced several documentaries related to apologetics. Whenever I saw one called God and the Big Bang, I was immediately intrigued!

I will be running a series of blog posts over the next two weeks, each containing a video from the series followed by my commentary.

Here’s video number one. It features (among others) Dr. Peter Bussey, a particle physicist involved with the Higgs Boson project, and Professor Owen Gingerich, an astronomer at Harvard University. I LOVE Gingerich’s description of himself as “a battle-scarred veteran of the Pluto Affair.” I’m totally with you, Dr. Gingerich! Pluto is a PLANET!!!!!

Don’t forget to scroll down after you watch the segment to see my commentary.


Obviously, this was the introduction to the video series, outlining the main questions that will be addressed and introducing the scientists that will be featured in the remaining segments. The key point of inquiry will be: “What the Big Bang means and how these scientists see the relationship between their faith in God and their scientific discoveries, especially when it comes to how the universe began.”

These scientists include:

Dr. Peter Bussey—Particle physicist from the Higgs Boson research project

Professor Gerald Gabrielse—Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard University

Professor Owen Gingerich—Emeritus Professor of Astronomy and History of Science at Harvard University

Dr. Nick Saunders—Theologian and physicist who designed instruments for the Large Hadron Collider

Dr. Jennifer Wiseman—Senior Project Scientest on the Hubble Space Telescope

If you keep up with science world news, you probably know that the CERN project has very recently claimed to have found the Higgs Boson, a particle which is discussed in this video. I especially appreciated the statement made by Dr. Peter Bussey in response to the question: Why the label “the God particle”? He said,

[It] doesn’t tell you anything about God except that God is a mathematician–which is something we may like to talk about. The fact that there’s so much really elegant mathematics underlying everything in the universe really does seem to suggest to me that there’s a very clever intelligence there behind it all.

Stay tuned for PART 2!!

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