God and the Big Bang: Video Series and My Commentary–Part 3

This segment in the series is entitled, “Science and Faith.” It explores the question: Are religious belief and science locked in hopeless warfare with each other?

Some very important points were made in this segment. First of all, religious faith gives meaning to the scientific endeavor.  Scientific inquiry can reveal a wealth of information, but it cannot tell us things like who we are and why we are here. It cannot bestow upon mankind an objective value or purpose in this vast cosmos. That is the domain of theology.

Second, there is a wonderful congruence between the two disciplines. Both make valuable truth claims about the world and these truths complement one another. There comes a point where science, because of its limitations, cannot go any further. For instance, science cannot assign ultimate value to human beings or assign objective morality. The situation is similar for theology; it cannot tell us things like the atomic mass of carbon, but it does explain why all men are equally and incredibly valuable and why some actions are good while others are evil.

Without science or theology, our worldview is woefully incomplete. With both, we can develop an integrated and coherent understanding of reality. Science, contrary to the belief of some, is not the only method for discovering truth. It is merely a subset of understanding. Theology demonstrates the underlying reality of what science describes.

I appreciated the statement about scientific inquiry being glorifying to God. Amen! Exploration of all God has made reveals His power, beauty, creativity, and wise provision. We have this incredible Book of Nature that He has written without words. I believe He delights in displaying  his attributes in this way. That man is capable of doing science is a wonderful gift indeed. Our growing scientific knowledge  inspires ever-increasing awe of our Creator!

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