Friday Fiction Book Notes—Dark Cherub by Parker J. Cole

I’m interrupting my current series to begin a new tradition here on Hard-Core Christianity: Friday Fiction Book Notes. Each Friday, I plan to highlight a Christian fiction book that I’ve read, enjoyed, and think some of my blog readers may enjoy, too.

This week’s book, Dark Cherub,  is best described as Christian horror/suspense with a strong pro-life message. Did that description just blow your mind? Yes, I said “horror.” Parker J. Cole weaves a dark tale of evil, fear, and sin, but one that also portrays divine protection, love, forgiveness, and redemption. Cole uses powerful literary devices to convey this complex message. Readers should be aware of this fact before reading the book and understand that Dark Cherub is communicating core truths through fantastical imagery and other plot elements. I might even call it a fable of sorts. My heart literally pounded as I experienced certain segments of the story. I genuinely cared about the characters, which is important to me whenever I read fiction.

Here’s the synopsis from Amazon:

Shadows lurk in the darkness, preying on hundreds of women—women who have one hidden thing in common.
A young woman witnesses the unsettling disappearance of her high school principal and soon finds herself facing a harrowing decision.
Two friends find themselves facing a power that threatens not only their lives, but the lives of thousands more. One is fighting her own shadows from past decisions. The other is followed by a lurking adversary who nearly killed her five years before. She begins to connect a series of events, and a frightening realization comes to light: they face a power that cannot be fought with guns or weapons. Will they find the answers, and the strength, to cast away the grip of a hostile presence that only wants them dead?

The Kindle edition is a bargain at $3.03. A great value for delicious, rainy-afternoon Christian reading material. Bravo, Parker J. Cole. I look forward to your future offerings!

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  1. Hi Melissa,Interesting post Just to let you know that I too, have written a fictional Christian novel. Through its many hills and turns, I have discovered much more about Jesus, than I could possible ever have conceived prior to commencing this journey more than 6 years ago. If you would care to read it, I will forward it to you in PDF file.Clyde

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