Reflections on Finishing Graduate School


Last Friday, the past three and a half years of my life culminated in a beautiful ceremony at Biola University, where I received my Master of Arts in Science and Religion. Graduation symbolized multiple things for me: a completed step towards my academic goals; permission to take a much-needed rest this holiday season; and most importantly, the beginning of my full-time ministry.

The journey has been difficult yet unspeakably rewarding. I am transformed, both intellectually and spiritually. I thank God for calling me into this area of ministry, for His provision in every facet of life, and for His continued guidance as I move forward from here.

What next? I believe my work is cut out for me. Along with my education has come an acute awareness of the current state of affairs on matters of science and faith within the Christian community and also among unbelievers. Unfortunately, there are sharp divisions over the various issues, divisions that are more often than not fueled by misinformation, inadequate theology, and poor philosophy of science. This validates my calling into this particular area of Christian apologetics. I pray that I can make a difference for the Kingdom in this brief sojourn I’ve been given.

Soli Deo Gloria

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