Lecture: Cultural Apologetics as Christian Witness

What distinguishes Houston Baptist University’s M.A. in Apologetics from other available graduate programs?  First and foremost, it is the program’s unique focus on cultural apologetics. Whenever you hear the word “apologetics,” the first thing that probably comes to your mind is the discipline of using logic, historical evidence, and philosophy to make intellectually rigorous arguments for the truth of Christian theism. This is more properly known as “classical apologetics.” Cultural apologetics, on the other hand, takes Christian case-making to an entirely new level–one that is, arguably, even more effective in the practice of evangelism.

The main purpose of this post is to share a phenomenal lecture with you, one that goes into detail about what cultural apologetics is and why Christians need to learn it. The speaker is Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Provost at Houston Baptist University, where I am honored to serve on the faculty for the School of Christian Thought.

Prior to becoming HBU’s Provost, Dr. John Mark Reynolds served as Professor of Philosophy at Biola University, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Houston Baptist University Provostwhere I first knew him as the lecturing professor for the graduate course in Cultural Apologetics. Being a student in the Science and Religion rather than the general Apologetics program, I never had the opportunity to take Dr. Reynolds’ course, but his students raved about it and I wanted to hear for myself what all the fuss was about. So, one afternoon during my summer residency at Biola, I stood outside the door of the lecture hall to eavesdrop on this frock-coat-wearing scholar. Let’s just say, rumors of his brilliance were not exaggerated.

So, without further ado, I encourage you to take an hour (or several portions of an hour) out of your day and listen to Dr. Reynolds’ lecture on “Cultural Apologetics as Christian Witness.”  (<—That’s the link to the lecture.) If you are inspired by what you hear (and I bet you will be), you may be interested to know that HBU’s M.A. in Apologetics will become available 100% online in the fall of this new year. Come study with us!

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