Dr. Brian Mattson’s Superb Sermon on the Existence of God

mattsonIf you don’t know about Dr. Brian Mattson, you should. I’ve followed his work for a while, and I’ve come to have quite a bit of respect for him as a scholar. He is insightful and winsome, yet he doesn’t hold back from telling it like it is. He blogs at drbrianmattson.com and he posts edgy and entertaining commentary videos on his site, Dead Reckoning TV.

On March 18th, he delivered a sermon at Harvest Church in Montana entitled “The Old Man Upstairs.”  It is an argument for the existence of God in the vein of Romans chapter 1 (which is the text for the sermon), but Dr. Mattson takes a rather unique approach that I find refreshing. It’s truly a must-watch. (NOTE: There’s a very large popup on the church’s website. You must click the fine print at the bottom to get rid of it and access the sermon.)

This one is going on my “Top 10 Favorite Apologetics Lectures” list. 





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