The Young Defenders Series: Using Story and Art to Teach Apologetics to Children

Parents and Teachers who have come to understand the high value of apologetics in cultivating an informed Christian faith are well aware that there aren’t many educational resources appropriate for elementary-age children. My colleagues and I have often discussed the fact that one of the more frequent requests we receive is for apologetics-focused children’s books and curricula.

In response to God’s calling and the dearth of available resources, I began developing the Young Defenders storybook series in the summer of 2012. My vision was to communicate key apologetics concepts to children using winsome stories and unique artwork. The story part was right up my alley, but the art–not so much. So, I approached master artist Christopher Voss of Voss Art Studio about illustrating my first manuscript, and he agreed, despite the fact that our investment of time and energy was risky. Long story short, our first book was purchased by Apologia Press, and we were contracted for three successive books in the series.

GodIsReallyThere-Cover PicIn the spring of 2013, book one was released. How Do We Know God is Really There? introduces Thomas, a perceptive boy with lots of questions about biblical truth claims. An astronomy project inspires a thoughtful conversation between Thomas and his dad about evidence for a Creator of the cosmos. Basically, the story makes the cosmological argument for the existence of God accessible to young readers.

Cover Art Hi-ResBook two, How Do We Know God Created Life? was released just a few weeks ago. This time, Thomas is joined by his mom and best friend Sophie on an exciting excursion to an insect exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science. Through the story and illustrations, readers learn fun facts about fascinating insects as well as a case for the intelligent design of living creatures using butterfly metamorphosis as the model. If you’ve ever seen the Illustra Media documentary, Metamorphosisyou will be familiar with this argument. My goal was to explain it in a manner comprehensible to elementary age students, and I knew Chris Voss’s illustrations for this story would be amazing (I was right).

Books three and four will cover the reliability of the Bible and a defense of the resurrection, respectively.

Story and art are highly effective vehicles for communicating important truths about the world, particularly the rationality of the Christian faith. Worlviews begin forming at a very young age, hence the need for equipping our young sons, daughters, and students with solid reasons for the hope we have in Christ.

Thus far, feedback on the Young Defenders books has been overwhelmingly encouraging! Children as young as six or seven are grasping the arguments and repeating them to their friends. Children as old as twelve still appreciate the content and whimsical artwork.

Book one is currently available through Amazon and iTunes. Signed copies of book two are available through my other ministry website, and the ebook is also on iTunes. Within the next month or two, book two should be made available through Amazon.

All proceeds from the sale of Young Defenders storybooks are used to pay for the phenomenal artwork and to fund my PhD coursework. Thank you for your support of this project and my ministry!  

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