Oops? Reality TV Promoting the Pro-Life Message

I’m not much of a television watcher. There are too few hours in the day and precious little programming that is time worthy, in my opinion. I must admit, however, that I’ll often pull up a random episode of some mindless TV show on my iPad when I’m running on the treadmill. This week, I saw an internet blurb that mentioned a prenatal ultrasound happening on the “Men Tell All” episode of that reality show, The Bachelorette, which is broadcast by ABC

“What?!” I thought to myself. “They showed an unborn baby on national television, on a popular prime time show?”

Yes, yes they did, and when I streamed the episode from the ABC website to see it for myself, I was awestruck. That segment of the show inadvertently but beautifully promoted the pro-life message in an extremely effective way. They called the unborn entity a baby and a child, over and over again. They showed the ultrasound on a huge screen and pointed out all the little body parts to an utterly spellbound audience.

Here’s how it went down:

[Host] Chris Harrison: We’re about to witness a Bachelor first: a live ultrasound of their baby to find out the sex of this child. (Turns to the parents, Ashley and JP, former Bachelorette stars who are now married.) Are you sure you want to do this, are we excited? This has got to be a little nerve-wracking.

Ahsley: We’re excited, we’re excited.

Chris Harrison: I’m excited. Look, we’ve seen this thing come full circle. Everybody’s been on this journey with you guys, from the Bachelorette to falling in love with this pretty fantastic guy, obviously the wedding, and now, a baby! So, let’s bring out the technician, Greg. Greg, come on in here. Let’s do this! Greg is our ultrasound technician, and we’re going to find out the sex of this baby!

Technician Greg: Okay, make yourself comfortable and we’ll rock and roll here.

Chris Harrison: Greg, you’ve done this before, right? Haha.

Technician Greg: This if my first day.

Chris Harrison: On the job training, it works.

Ashley: (Opens the side of her dress to expose part of her belly) Don’t look, guys! Haha.

Chris Harrison: JP, were you hoping for a boy or a girl?

JP: Doesn’t matter to me. Healthy baby, that’s all that matters.

Chris Harrison: Good answer.

<Audience applause>

Chris Harrison: Okay, are you ready? Can we tell?

Technician Greg: (Moving the ultrasound wand around, looking at his monitor) Ummmm…Your fluid is really good, so we’ll get the baby to move around a little bit.

Chris Harrison: Alright, let’s put it up on the big screen here…

<Live feed of ultrasound pops up on the big screen, and the audience murmurs excitedly. A joke ensues, with Chris Harrison’s face superimposed over the ultrasound image. Everyone laughs.> 

Chris Harrison: Okay, are you ready? It’s time to reveal Ashley and JP’s beautiful baby.

<The sound of the heartbeat is loud and clear through the studio speakers.> 

Technician Greg: Heartbeat…

Ashley: That’s so crazy.

Chris Harrison: Look at that heartbeat. Does that just get you every time?

Technician Greg: That’s a little ear there. That’s the ear.

Ashley: That’s so cool. That’s a funny ear.

JP: Amazing…

Technician Greg: There’s a little thumb.

Ashley: Thumbs up, everyone!

Chris Harrison: That doesn’t look like a thumb to me, Greg. (Everyone laughs.) Well, can we tell?

Technician Greg: We can tell! JP, Ashley, it is…a boy!

<Audience erupts into enthusiastic applause.> 

Chris Harrison: Thanks, Greg.

Ashley: Love it!

Chris Harrison: (Slapping JP on the shoulder) Mazel tov, buddy.

JP: Thanks!

Chris Harrison: Congratulations! Having a boy!

Ashley: Thank you.

Chris Harrison: Look at the tears in your eyes!

JP: It’s emotional, you know.

Ashley: He’s gonna look just like little JP over here.

JP: I hope so, haha.

Chris Harrison: The new short stop for the Yankees, congratulations. Every dad has that dream, of having that son.

JP: A girl would have been just as nice, but a  baby boy, the fist grandchild in the family, the first child between me or my brother, it’s kind of nice to pass the name on…watch football with.

Ahsley: I knew all along, from the beginning. I told JP early on…this feels like a boy, it just feels like a boy to me, very early on. Momma’s intuition.

JP: You had a 50-50 shot.

Ashley: Ha, that’s true. My odds were pretty good.

Chris Harrison: Well guys, congratulations. It’s so beautiful. I could not be happier for the two of you. The baby, your new life in Miami. You know I love the two of you dearly, so I wish you nothing but the best. Congratulations.

End of segment. 

Usually, the ultrasound to determine the sex of a baby is done roughly halfway through the pregnancy, and Ashley mentioned that the baby is due in October. I’ve included an example of a 20-week ultrasound image here.

All this excitement about what they were all calling a baby, a child. Ashley referred to herself as a “momma” from very early on in the pregnancy.


In America, it would be completely legal to kill that baby within his mother’s womb for no better reason than the convenience of the mother.

Let that sink in.

But on national, prime time television, that precious unborn baby was put on display for all the world to see, his heartbeat was clearly heard. His features were pointed out. His parents were overjoyed. The studio audience celebrated.

It made me wonder how many pro-abortion folks were sitting in the audience, or how many were watching all this unfold on television. Were they angry that the words “baby” and “child” were used instead of “fetus” or “product of conception”? Did seeing the ultrasound affect their feelings about abortion? Somewhere in America, is there a woman dealing with a crisis pregnancy who saw this episode and then chose life for her own baby?

When it comes to the bioethics of abortion, everything boils down to one question: What is the unborn? The answer to this question does not change based on whether or not the content of the womb is wanted. Looking at the ultrasound image, it was so very plain that this was a human being, a baby with eyes and ears, fingers and toes. Yet the pro-abortion faction in our country insists that if Ashley decided tomorrow that she just wasn’t ready to be a mother, it would be acceptable for her to have that baby boy killed and removed from her body. Only the “pro-choice” crowd, and the abortionist, would call it a “product of conception,” not a baby.

What do you know, something amazingly good can come out of vapid reality television. They actually called an unborn baby a baby, a child. Because that’s exactly what it is.

Pray to end abortion.

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