One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd—An Excellent Father’s Day Gift Idea!

A couple of years ago, a new acquaintance on social media posted a request for early readers for a book manuscript he was working on. I was on break from teaching and my own studies, and so I offered to read a few chapters and give him feedback. I was pleasantly surprised by both the content and the quality of writing. The approach was fresh and fascinating: a combination of a spiritual journey memoir and an evaluation of the Christian worldview from the unique perspective of a Marine fighter-pilot. Ladd’s writing style drew me in immediately. When I was finished reading those few chapters, I knew the finished product would be a book I could recommend, particularly for guys out there who might not read much non-fiction material, but are intrigued by the military (or in military service themselves).

In One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview, Ladd’s descriptions of his fighter-pilot missions, training exercises, and world travels are interesting (actually, quite riveting at many points) and still relevant to the overarching goal of his book, which is to explain how he came to embrace Christian truth claims. Even when he’s recounting more mundane parts of his personal story, the prose is never dry.  The core doctrine and apologetics content is solid, and Ladd provides end-note citations for each chapter.

I highly recommend One of the Few. I think it would make an excellent Father’s Day (or graduation) gift! (But you should get a copy for yourself, too.)

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