March for ALL Women, Including the Unborn Ones

The so-called “Women’s March” last weekend officially excluded some pro-life sponsors, making their pro-abortion perspective even more explicit. So essentially, it was a march for women willing to promote that agenda. I didn’t follow much news of the march, but this photo came across my Twitter feed:

Image result for women march abortion shirt

The tragic irony of this photo is that here we have an African American woman glorifying, and rallying for, a procedure that takes the lives of five times more African American babies than white babies. This amounts to approximately half of unborn African-Americans. Another irony is the fact that  sex-selection abortions  take the lives of a vastly disproportionate number of girls. The women of tomorrow.

The “choice” argument for abortion rings so very hollow. Let us not forget that in the United States, over one million lives are ended by abortion each year, and of all the reasons documented for abortions, only 1% of patients say that their pregnancy was the result of rape.

This weekend, in Washington DC, will be the March for Life 2017. If you can, go and march for all women: the pregnant women who deserve so much better than abortion and the unborn women who deserve to live. If you cannot attend, pray. Pray for women in crisis pregnancies who are considering abortion, that they will choose life, have the care and support they need, and have wisdom in choosing adoptive families for their babies. Pray for the hearts of abortion providers to change, the way this doctor’s heart did. Pray for women who now have to live with the pain of having an abortion in their past, that they would know the beautiful forgiveness and glorious redemption that Christ offers.

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