New Resource for Parents: Talking with Your Kids About God by Natasha Crain

In her much anticipated book, Talking with Your Kids About God: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have (Baker, 2017), blogger, author, and speaker Natasha Crain does Christian parents a great service: She offers them a user-friendly, trustworthy guide for having high-impact yet accessible discussions with our kids on important issues.

Each chapter of Talking with Your Kids About God is devoted to a specific question, and the 30 questions cover an excellent variety of topics, including the existence of God, religious pluralism, reliability of Scripture, ethics, free will, God’s nature, prayer, and doubt. At the end of each chapter, she sums things up in a Key Points section followed by a fantastic Conversation Guide that will help even complete novices navigate such conversations with their kids. This book virtually eliminates the intimidation factor that prevents many parents from tackling these kinds of challenging questions.

When I first scanned the table of contents, chapter six particularly caught my attention. It is entitled “How Much Evidence Do we Need to Be Confident God Exists?” I love this question, because so many of the conversations I’ve had with non-believers or friends/family of non-believers have involved the idea of weighing evidence for and against the truth of Christianity. There is this widespread popular notion that in order to rationally believe something to be true, the available evidence must constitute incontrovertible proof. In this chapter, Crain makes key points about evidence and determining best explanations when one is considering a Christian truth claim. She sums up the situation perfectly when she says that “it’s the collective evidence, all pointing in the same direction, that makes the case for God so powerful.” Indeed!

To top it all off, Talking with Your Kids About God is far from being a dry, textbook-style read. Crain has a warm, personable tone and uses illustrations that most every parent can relate to.

I cannot recommend this resource highly enough! It is a must-have for every Christian parent.

Talking with Your Kids about God: 30 Conversations Every Christian Parent Must Have by [Crain, Natasha]

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