Parents of Teens: Consider a Summit Student Conference

Because I am a mom of a teen and a preteen, I’m frequently asked about resources for students. Parents are wise to seek out books and other media for apologetics and worldview training in the home, and fortunately, there is a growing body of tools that I’m able to recommend. However, as a parent myself, I’m well aware of the fact that middle and high school students are often more interested in, and receptive to, Big Idea discussions when they’re among peers and guided by an authority who specializes in the topic at hand. Did you know that there’s a two-week immersive experience that blends apologetics and worldview instruction with adventure camp activities? It’s called a Summit Student Conference.

Summit Ministries

I’ve long been impressed with the work happening at Summit as well as the high quality curriculum they offer to private schools and home educators. It will be an honor and privilege for me to serve as the science and faith instructor at two different conference sessions this summer! (My older son will be attending one of the sessions, and I’m even more excited about that.)

To learn more, check out and check out this video:

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