My Apologetics Books for Kids

How Do We Know Jesus is Alive? 

Book 3 in the Young Defenders Series

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CLICK TO ORDER How Do We Know God Created Life?

Thomas has been looking forward to this field trip for weeks! His mom is guiding a group tour of the new insect exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science. Thomas and his friend Sophie are awestruck by the displays, but they have questions when one exhibit claims that butterflies evolved the special ability to transform from caterpillars without a pre-determined design. Together, Sophie, Thomas, and his mom (Mrs. Paley) examine the evidence to learn how the butterfly’s life cycle indicates a Creator God.

Appropriate for ages 6 and up. Illustrated by Master Artist Christopher Voss ( Published by Apologia Press; Hardcover, 2014

GodIsReallyThere-Cover Pic

Click to order How Do We Know God Is Really There?

This whimsically illustrated children’s storybook is the first in a series Melissa designed to communicate key Christian apologetics topics to elementary-age children. In this first volume, young Thomas asks his father for evidence of God’s existence. What follows is a scientific and philosophical case for the existence of God presented in accessible language and accompanied by helpful illustrations.

Appropriate for ages 6 and up. Illustrated by Master Artist Christopher Voss ( Published by Apologia Press; Hardcover, 2013


I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been looking for an author for years who could teach children why it is reasonable to believe biblical truths. Melissa Travis is that author. Her books get the facts about God right and present them in whimsical ways that will stick with your kids. Every Christian family with young children should own a set of these–and read them often! Craig J. Hazen, PhD
Program Director for the M.A. Christian Apologetics at Biola University
Author of Five Sacred Crossings
Entertaining, warm, and thought-provoking all at the same time. A great story for dads to read to their sons!
William Lane Craig, PhD Research Professor of Theology Talbot School of Theology Author of Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics

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  1. What a great idea for children’s books. Once upon a time, children were taught God’s truth. Sadly, that is no longer true in so many place. Thank God for the vision, talent and dream He has given you in this project.

  2. Thank you for writing these books! I’ve really enjoyed reading “God is Really There” to one of my students! Will “How Do We Know Jesus Is Alive” be reduced in price anytime soon? Thank you!

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