Young Defenders Box Set!

Hi everyone! I wanted to make you aware of the debut of the Young Defenders apologetics storybooks box set! This is an excellent price for all four books in my series, which covers the cosmological argument, the design argument, a defense of the Resurrection, and an argument for objective morality (and therefore, a moral Lawgiver).... Continue Reading →

G.K. Chesterton on Art and the Image of God

In The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton argues that man, as a species, is different in kind, not just degree, from all other living creatures. Man’s origin, he says, is one of the three grand mysteries of the cosmos, along with the birth of the universe itself and the emergence of the first life. Endowed with rationality... Continue Reading →

Musings On the Holy Spirit, Water, and Sacrament

It's thunder-storming this afternoon. I love thunderstorms, especially when they come after a week of oppressive summer heat. As water droplets rain down from the silver sky, greens are more vivid in their wetness--almost glowing. The landscape outside my office window is soaked by the gentle downpour; everything seems fresher, cleaner. And my heart is... Continue Reading →

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