FAQ: To PhD or not to PhD

Surprise! I'm still alive! Since last summer, I've been buried in research and writing. If the Lord wills and the creek don't rise (as we say in the south), I'll defend my dissertation on April 18th and step into a new (and highly anticipated) season of life and ministry. I am humbled and incredibly thankful... Continue Reading →

Topping the Amazon Charts!

A huge THANK YOU to those who pre-ordered or recently ordered Science and the Mind of the Maker: What the Conversation About Faith and Science Reveals About God! This week, it achieved the #1 spot in new releases for both the Christianity category and the Science and Religion category! See-----> Also, Apologetics 315, a large online... Continue Reading →

Kepler’s Snowflake: Do Natural Processes Rule out Divine Intelligence in Nature?

Sociologist Christian Smith has identified an interesting and important dynamic in Western culture concerning beliefs about how a superhuman power could (or perhaps would) exert causation in the material world. According to Smith, many in the modern West make the misguided assumption that miraculous interventions into the natural order—anomalous events that defy the regularities described... Continue Reading →

HBU Apologetics Day

This coming Saturday, March 24, (9am until 3pm) faculty from Houston Baptist University will be hosted by Woodlands Church in The Woodlands, Texas for the next HBU Apologetics Day. This year's theme is Reason, Imagination, and Revelation, and will include scholars from a variety of academic disciplines, including literature, philosophy, apologetics, and science and faith. The... Continue Reading →

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