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For many years I’ve had a vision for building a local community of thinkers—avid readers, philosophers, artists, theologians, educators, scientists, engineers, clergy, etc.—who enjoy coming together for discussion, learning, and grace-filled camaraderie. At long last, the inaugural meeting of Rivendell Collective will take place this fall in The Woodlands, TX.

Rivendell Collective will meet in Jones Library at The Woodlands United Methodist Church at 7pm on October 3, 2019. Your online registration is kindly requested so that chairs and refreshments may be planned accordingly. (You will need to create an account, but doing so is quick and easy.)

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What to Expect

The evening will begin with a casual meet-and-greet followed by a guest lecture given by local photojournalist, novelist, and poet Tom Darin Liskey.

Yo2 (1)Tom Darin Liskey was born in Missouri but spent nearly a decade working as a journalist in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi. His poetry, fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Red Truck Review, Deep South, Driftwood Press, Biostories, Spelk, and Heartwood, just to name a few. His narrative and documentary photography have appeared in publications such as The Museum of Americana, The Blue Mountain Review, Cowboy Jamboree, and Midwestern Gothic. He lives in The Woodlands, Texas.

Artist’s Statement: 

“Come,” He replied, “and you will see.”
According to the biblical account, Christ spoke these words to Andrew, Saint Peter’s brother, and another follower of John the Baptist, after he was acclaimed as the Lamb of God. This sentence from the gospels has become my spiritual gravity, at least when it comes to photography. I continue to seek those places where I can see Jesus abiding in, but with a camera strung around my neck.

MeOver the past few years, I have been undertaking a visual project aimed at exploring a raw and un-photoshopped faith. I’ve visited churches form hurly-burly London with its wedding cake steeples, to off-the-beaten path farming communities in Texas where Swedish, German and Polish immigrants raised gloriously hand-decorated houses of worship even as they waited for their first harvest to come in. I’ve journeyed to the remote jungles of Suriname, the former Dutch colony nudged on the mangrove-cloaked coast of South America, to photograph the forlorn ruins of a synagogue and graveyard.

I have also tried to photograph the people of God, and those searching for Him.


 Their stories, in particular, have given me pause… and hope. I’ve tried to take a documentary approach to this, often relying on natural lighting—and natural settings—to let the camera catch any narrative thread in this visual exploration of Christian belief.

I aim to showcase the primary colors of Christianity. Although, there is nothing vanilla or generic about this faith. It is rich and as sumptuous as a feast laid out under the tent of a king. I hope these pictures help to give us a keyhole glimpse into the Kingdom.


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