Due to her teaching and ministry demands, Dr. Travis is only able to accept a limited number of speaking invitations each year. Her speaking topics include:

The Grand Cosmic Resonance: An Argument From the Existence of Science
Priests in God’s Cosmic Temple: Men of Science, Men of Faith
DNA: A Biochemical Challenge to Naturalism
The Soul: How We Know it’s Real and Why it Matters
The Finely-Tuned Cosmos: Design or Happenstance?
Big Bang Cosmology: Friend or Foe?
Understanding Intelligent Design
Matters of Origins: Exploring the Creation Model Spectrum
Spiritual Formation Through Immersion in Scripture
Bioethics: A Philosophical and Scientific Case for Life
On Good and Evil: Engaging the Moral Relativist with Truth and Grace

Booking inquiries may be made through the Contact tab on this site or Dr. Travis’ faculty page at http://www.hbu.edu.


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